Mariano Frisoli de Oliveira (born 1981) Buenos Aires, Argentina.

My principal interest is documental photography, I started working independently since 2010, producing stories about humans and their enviroment.

My first long-term project was "Andrea", an essay about the intimacy of a transgender and his family, it took me almost two years to photograph the story. In 2013 the story was selected for Crónicas Visuales Editorial, who published the photos with other six photographers works under the book "7".

In 2014, I started another long-term project through the foundation Manos Misioneras, who with he approached to the hard life of the tobacco growers in the north of Argentina.

Since then, I´ve been photographing in Argentina and other countries as Brasil, Chile, Uruguay, France, Germany, Netherlands and United States.

In 2019 I moved to the United States, living for a year in New York and currently in New Mexico.