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Rally Dakar Series

In the context of the Dakar Rally competition, a bivouac is a temporary campsite where the competitors and their support teams stay overnight during the race. The bivouac is typically set up in a remote location, such as a desert or a mountainous region, and provides basic facilities for the participants to rest, eat, and work on their vehicles.

The bivouac is a crucial part of the Dakar Rally as it serves as a central hub for the race operations. It is where the competitors and their teams can access essential services, such as medical assistance, fuel, and spare parts. The bivouac also provides a social atmosphere where the competitors can interact with each other and share their experiences.

It takes several hours to assemble and dismantle each day. The bivouac is made up of different areas, such as the technical zone, the media center, the catering area, and the sleeping quarters.

The bivouac is a unique aspect of the Dakar Rally, and it adds to the challenge and excitement of the race. Competitors and support teams must be self-sufficient during the race and rely on the facilities provided at the bivouac to rest, refuel, and repair their vehicles before continuing on the next leg of the race.

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